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[Image: virtual-private-server.jpg]

What is VPS Web Hosting | How a VPS Works 

If you are thinking about purchasing web hosting then you must have heard about shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting. Today we will explain VPS web hosting here and explain in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of VPS. After this post you can decide why you should take VPS hosting?
You need good hosting for your website because no matter how good your website and business depends on internet hosting, and when it comes to hosting a business website as an internet pr host, it is very important to choose a good hosting. 
Because a good hosting can make your online business even bigger and can even end. In today's date, many different web-hosting plans are available and it is necessary to choose cost effective, good and suitable hosting for your business. VPS started a few years ago, growing very quickly and made its mark and today web hosting has become a very demanding service.

What is VPS:

The full form of VPS is virtual private server and it is also known as virtual personal server. There are many physical servers in any data centers. When a machine is created by virtually dividing the resources (memory, storage, cpu etc) of a physical server with the help of software, this process is called virtualization. To create VPS, virtual machines are created with the help of virtualization software (such as hyperv, Vmware etc) on the physical server. 
This machine hosted on physical server is called virtual machine. This virtual machine uses the resources of the physical server. Many VMs can be created on any physical server according to its hardware resources. Any OS can be installed on virtual machine. When a customer takes VPS service, the hosing companies give one of the VMs hosted on the physical server to the customer and the customer uses the operating system, disc space, and bandwidth as per their requirement on this virtual private server.
Basically using a concept of virtualization on a physical server, many customized virtual machines are made, which are called VPS. Whenever someone is given access to VPS, then he can only see that VPS machine and not the entire physical server. The user can work in the virtual server's OS by login as if it is a physical machine such as rebooting the machine, any software can be installed etc. But VPS is a term that creates confusion in many people and business because it works like both shared and dedicated hosting and is considered as the solution's solution.

VPS Web Host: 

Now it works like a dedicated server, it can be a good interim solution for websites that need a dedicated server in the future, but now they can mange from VPS only according to traffic. VPS hosting is also called hybrid hosting because it works like a dedicated server apart from being a shared environment on a physical server, hence it is said that it works as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS is also called virtual dedicated server (VDS).
Virtual shared server involves fair shared bandwidth and usage policy compared to shared hosting. If you host a website on VPS, then your site will not share resources from any other site like shared hosting. Even your site is live in that partitioned server area where you have your own operating system, storage, RAM, and monthly data transfer limits and this is the reason why you expect smooth more-stable site performance in VPS. 

Who uses VPS Hosting?

The need of VPS hosting is most often when your website is on shared hosting and due to its limited resources, your website is not able to perform well and at the same time your budget is not very much. In this case, you can choose VPS web hosting as an alternate solution of dedicated hosting in low budget.
VPS hosting is also good for those people who know the limitation of shared hosting and want dedicated hosting because of the limitation of their website shared hosting. This can also be a good solution for those who understand technology and want more control over the hosting environment. VPS hosting gives more freedom and root access to Apache and PHP in a low budget. With this, you can install SSL certificate and any other type of software.
In Shared hosting, you are dependent on the resources and platform provided while in VPS you can choose the configuration and platform according to your need.

How a VPS Works

How VPS works: Any VPS web hosting is used to host virtualization software such as hyperV, VMware etc. on any physical server. Once the virtualization software is installed on a physical server, virtual machines are created according to the customer's demand, which is called VPS. An operating system is installed on every virtual machine and from the resources of the physical server RAM, hard disk, CPU etc. resources are allocated to the machine. Customers can only access the VM's OS and not the physical server.
In this way, many VMs (depending on how many hardware resources of the physical machine) can be created on this one server, which are accessible to different customers.

What are the advantages of VPS hosting:
  • In comparison to the traditional shared web hosting service, the VPS hosting customer has full access to the OS, in which the customer can configure the VPS according to their requirement.
  • VPS web hosting gives you more power and control, as well as the benefits of a dedicated server available at a lower cost.
  • In VPS, your website or files are not shared with any other website, so this privacy is maintained.
  • Customization can be done easily in VPS. VPS has its own OS, so you have your own instance of different server applications such as apache, mysql, PDP, so if you need to customize any service, you can.
  • The resources of your machine are not shared with any other website user in the VPS server, so you have dedicated RAM, storage, which the website can fully utilize.
Disadvantages of VPS hosting: 
  • Most of the VPS use small organization or users who want to take the benefits of dedicated hosting at a low price, but VPS also has some disadvantages -
  • VPS is technical as compared to Shared web hosting, therefore customer is required to have technical knowledge. This is a self managed hosting, in which the customer mange his own server instance and if the customer does not have the technical knowledge then a little trouble can come.
  • It is expensive compared to shared hosting for those small user websites or organizations who do not need dedicated hosting service but have to take VPS only because of website traffic and bandwidth.
Final Words:

After reading this post you must have understood that VPS hosting is ideal for small and medium size businesses who want to maintain increase web traffic at low cost. By increasing the traffic and user on the website, as well as opting for VPS service, you can ensure that the site visitor does not face any kind of performance issue. If you use shared hosting now, one main reason to move to VPS hosting is resource utilization. This does not mean that the website will be running slow but it means to handle more web pages and traffic.

Do you remember the discontinued Nylas Mail Client? Yes, being a fork of Nylas Mail Client, Mailspring affords you way better performance than the previous one. The best part about this Linux Email Client is this provides you with the native C++ sync engine. So, no more JavaScript from now on, with C++ you can rule the Email Client’s world. The development team of the Mailspring Company says that they are sunsetting the elevated development of the software.

All the ideal attributes that were housed in the Nylas Mail are offered by the Mailspring now. You must thank the native C++ sync engine because this will cause you fewer dependencies and as a result, you will face less lag also.

[Image: mailspring.png]

If compared to Nylas Mail, along with less lag you will also get RAM usage reduction up to 50%. If you were with the Nylas Spring, then you already know the details of Mailspring, but for your convenience, we are presenting them to you again.

[b]Features of Mailspring[/b]

  • The software is free for everyone so just download and enjoy

  • For people who want additional features, they can also go for the Paid version of this application which is available in the name of Mailspring Pro

  • Partially an open-source app, you can get the source code in the GitHub

  • Includes a minimalist User Interface

  • Contains togglable panels

  • The User Interface is customizable

  • Setup can be done for multiple accounts which includes Office 365/Outlook and IMAP also

  • Includes quick reply templates

  • Ability to link tracking


[Image: o1.png]

In order to verify domain ownership, complete the following steps:
  • Go to Google Search Console.
  • Click ‘Add Property’.
  • Choose Domain and enter your domain name:
  • Click ‘Continue’, you’ll be redirected to the next step.
  • Copy the domain verification TXT record you’ll get:

[Image: o2.png]

  • Log into your hosting. I’ll be using cPanel as an example as I’m on Ziphost hosting.
  • Find Zone Editor under Domains:

[Image: o3.png]

  • Choose the domain you need to verify in Google Search Console and click ‘Manage’.
  • Add a record and select TXT as a record type.
  • Fill in the rest of the fields with the following information:
    • Valid zone name – your domain name
    • TTL – 3600
    • Text – your verification text copied in step 3.

[Image: o6.png]

  • Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click ‘Add record’ to save it.
  • Go back to Google Search Console and click ‘Verify’.

Don’t worry if your domain ownership will not be verified right away in Search Console. At first, I got this:

[Image: o4.png]

It may take your DNS records time to update and Google to pick them up. In my case, the domain was verified in 2-3 minutes. I just tried clicking ‘Verify’ a few more times and here’s what I finally got:

[Image: o5.png]


[Image: basic2.jpg] offers a comprehensive line-up of UnManaged dedicated servers in USA. From basic entry level to latest high performance servers across various price points.
Available with Linux and a host of other customization and addon options, these servers are designed as a one stop solution for any requirement.
All servers are connected to a high-speed, with 24x7 Support.

Why Ziphost server?

Below is the list of Dedicated server plans offered by Ziphost:

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100TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
8 IP(5 Usable)
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100TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
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Dual Xeon 5639 (12 cores)
100TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
8 IP(5 Usable)
Free Setup
$85 /MO

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For more details of UnManaged Dedicated Server plans visit :


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[Image: postingIMG.png]

ziphost is a group of web hosting companies located accross globe. It is fast growing secured hosting provider in web hosting industry. The Core values are in coustmer service, delivery, retention and delight which makes it diffrent from other web hosting companies. It had succeeded in maintaining and retaining it's clientele. ziphost had achieved multiple goals and proven the best services among all.

We consider great services and fast email, Live Chat support to be the No.1 priority, just as you'd expect! With us, you won't wait for days for a reply! Instead, you will get your questions answered fast!

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Services :
  • - Unlimited Space
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  • - imunify360
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Secured web hosting | Free hosting | $1 Unlimited hosting | $1 hosting | Unlimited linux hosting

ziphost is offering the cheap, reliable, affordable and managed shared web hosting services starting from $1/month and its available with easy annual billing cycle also we gurantee 7 days money back along with lifetime fixed rate, this ensures that you are safe and wont be charged for anything extra.

[Image: shared1.png]
is one of the Affordable and Reliable Web Host where you will find the best combination of low cost and budget web hosting services with Standard Control Panel’s, Unmetered Bandwidth, Quality Services, a SLA Backed 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Stable non-oversold hosting environments, SSD Drives, more than 320+ free php scripts also included with Unlimited features like Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, Databases, domain names and ofcourse best 24×7 live support via chat and ticket system.

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Ubuntu 20.04 is the latest long-awaited LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu. This page will be regularly updated with 20.04’s new features, release date, and more information.

Ubuntu 20.04’s Release Date and Schedule
As per usual, Ubuntu’s LTS releases are released in April every 2 years. The number 20 comes from the year 2020 and the number 04 comes from the (fourth) month of April.

To be more specific, the release date of Ubuntu 20.04 is 23rd of April, 2020. It will be released 3 days sooner than the last LTS release.

Here’s the full schedule:

February 27th, 2020 – Feature Freeze. This is where the introduction of new features ends. No new features will be implemented in the release starting from the 27th. There have been a few exceptions, though. The team will mostly focus on improving and testing existing features.
March 19th, 2020 – User Interface Freeze. There will be no further changes to the actual user interface. It’s useful knowing this if you write tutorials and use screenshots of the UI.
March 26th, 2020 – Documentation String Freeze. There will be no updates or new strings added to the documentation. So if you’re a translator, you can start translating the release.
April 2nd, 2020 – Beta Freeze. If you opted in to get Beta updates, this is the day you’ll get Ubuntu 20.04. If you’re eager to try the new Ubuntu, you can start with this Beta release.
April 16th, 2020 – Final Freeze. This is the final freeze where everything’s pretty much done and getting ready for the final release and rollout.
April 23rd, 2020 – Final Release. The official release date of Ubuntu 20.04. All end-users will get an option to update.
If you’d like to try an Ubuntu 20.04 Server, you can use Vultr. The cheapest plan is $2.5 per month, but if you use this link you’ll get $100 free credits.

Basic Information About Ubuntu 20.04
The codename is “Focal Fossa”.

The fossa is a cat-like, carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar

This is an LTS release, which means you’ll get 5 years of support for both servers and desktops. You can also get 10 years of support if you buy Ubuntu Advantage.

Ubuntu 18.04 will be supported until 2023.

New Features in Ubuntu 20.04
Plenty of new features have been introduced and implemented since Ubuntu 18.04, but we’ll focus on the main ones.

New theme
The most notable new feature is the new desktop theme of Ubuntu 20.04. It will be a new and improved version of the Yaru theme, which was used in Ubuntu 18.10 first as the default theme.

The new theme will have a new skin option and the team is still working on new features.

Update: No New Linux kernel
As of writing, the latest preview version of the Linux kernel is 5.5, which is likely to be used in the new LTS release. A newer kernel version might be used if it’s released before the official release of Ubuntu 20.04. A new kernel means improved performances and support for hardware.

There’s been an update, news coming from the Ubuntu kernel mailing list say that Ubuntu 20.04 will ship with Linux 5.4, not 5.5 after all.

GNOME 3.36
The latest version of GNOME will be used, which means you’ll get all the new features as well as the improvements to the UI.

Dark Window Colors Mode
You will be able to switch to a “dark mode” color profile in the System Settings. The overall theme will keep its colors, but the window colors will be dark.

Ubuntu Store – Snap Version by Default
Starting with Ubuntu 20.04, the default software management tool will be shipped as a snap. The store itself is packaged as a snap, it’s not a new store with snap apps only.

The New Wallpaper
Here’s the new Ubuntu 20.04 wallpaper, thanks to OMG! Ubuntu.

Better ZFS support
If you’d like to use the ZFS file system, it will be easier then ever with the new release. There are a plethora of advantages by using ZFS.

Amazon web launcher removed in the Desktop version
The launcher was pretty much useless and users usually removed it after installing a fresh Ubuntu. It’s basically an affiliate link to the Amazon website with nothing else to offer.

And more!
New wallpapers, Unicode 13 support, better support for gaming…There will likely be more new features and changes in the new release. We’ll regularly update this page with more information.

Download Ubuntu 20.04
You can already download the beta of 20.04 using this link (64-bit version, .iso)

Once there’s a download available for a different release, we’ll update this page with a link.

FAQs About Ubuntu 20.04
Here are some frequently asked questions (with answers) about the new release.

When can I switch to Ubuntu 20.04
It’s really up to you. You can switch right away by using the daily builds if you’d like to help with testing or if you just can’t wait to try it out.

if you’re using an Ubuntu server, you might want to wait for the official release or maybe even more if you’re in production.

How do I upgrade to 20.04?
Depending on what release Ubuntu 20.04, you might be able to upgrade to the Beta release straight from the desktop if you’ve opted in for beta updates. If you haven’t opted in for beta updates, then you can update when Ubuntu 20.04 is officially released.

If you’d like to update via the command line or if you’re using a server, the instructions are pretty standard for all releases. There’s a tutorial here.

If you’re using 16.04, you’ll need to upgrade to 18.04, and then upgrade to 20.04

How can I help with the development and release of Ubuntu 20.04?
If you’re a developer or an experienced user, you already know how to help. Even if you’re not experienced, you can still help by:

Spreading the word. Let people know about Ubuntu 20.04. A simple share on social media helps a bit too.
Using and testing the release. Start using the release and test it. Again, you don’t have to be a developer. You can still find and report bugs, or send feedback.
Translating. Join the translating teams and start translating documentation and/or applications.
Helping other people. Join some online Ubuntu communities and help others with issues they’re having with Ubuntu 20.04. Sometimes people need help with simple stuff like “where can I download Ubuntu?”
Will Lubuntu or other distros based on Ubuntu be updated too?
Generally, all distros based on Ubuntu have a similar release schedule and get similar updates and new features. You’ll have to check with your distro’s official website for the exact info though.

Will Ubuntu 20.04 be an LTS release?
Yes, Ubuntu 20.04 will be an LTS release and you’ll get 5 years of support, much like Ubuntu 18.04.

Can I switch from Windows/OS X to Ubuntu 20.04?
Of course! You’ll most likely experience a performance boost too. Switching from a different OS to Ubuntu is fairly easy, there are quite a lot of tutorials for doing that. You can even set up a dual-boot where you’ll be using multiple OSes, so you can use both Windows and Ubuntu 20.04 at the same time.

Can I try Ubuntu 20.04 without installing it?
Sure. You can use something like VirtualBox to create a “virtual desktop” – you can install it on your local machine and use Ubuntu 20.04 without actually installing Ubuntu.

Or you can try an Ubuntu 20.04 server at ZIPHOST .

Where is the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 20.04?
There is no 32bit version. Ubuntu dropped 32bit versions with its 17.10 release. If you’re using old hardware, you’re better off using a different lightweight Linux distro instead of Ubuntu 20.04 anyway.

What’s new in Ubuntu 20.04 Server?
You can get a list of updates at the official Ubuntu blog, which is regularly updated with new posts about Ubuntu Server.

Any other question?
Leave a comment below! Share your thoughts, we’re super excited and we’re gonna update this article as soon as new information comes in. Stay tuned and be patient!

All copyrights for this article are reserved to ThisHosting

It appears that your business is not recognised nowadays without having a website. However, setting up the webpage itself is just the beginning. Furthermore, you need to discover some place to host your website so that it’s accessible online for your products or services and easily can be discovered by your clients and customers.

[Image: sha.jpg]

What is a Host or a Web host ?

Each website has their own web host who gives your site a visibility and makes it accessible and visible to your buyers, suppliers, customers, clients and visitors. Generally, websites are stored and monitored through computer systems which are called servers.

Your web hosting service provider will have managed and unmanaged dedicated servers running several different websites, so when you start hosting your website with your best hosting provider you get enough leased space on their dedicated servers to make your site accessible and to run your business operations through website smoothly. Additionally , ziphost help you in buying your domain name – along with address and location of your business – to permit visitors and customers to locate it without having difficulties.

How Do I Finalize my Hosting Company?

Many Web hosting organizations offer a variety of pre designed and customized hosting packages having unique attributes. Still we need to keep in mind before selecting a Hosting company. We need to look for operating system, for example, Windows Server or Linux. In case you’re running a clear site, this decision is insignificant, however it would be more important in case of specialised things like database capacities.

The other interesting point is the space offered by your web hosting provider in their hosting package. Basic websites doesn’t need much space. Still, you need to have more space in case you have different pages with multiple media files such as pictures, music, videos and documents .

[Image: clie.png]

Moreover, your web hosting company package will also include bandwidth- data transfer capacity. Bandwidth measures traffic coming on your website each time visitors access your website. Having a basic website needs an adequate data transmission capacity. However, large media files and famous pages will require considerably more. Therefore, It’s commonly better to have a lot of instead of excessively little, else your website is having more chances of being disconnected or bringing additional charges for surpassing its bandwidth limits.

When you connect with your web hosting provider they ask you details and you can create business email addresses ending with your website name. You need to ensure that you inform them to have enough business email id to address the issues of your business such as info, billing, sales, finance depending on your business teams.

The amount Will It Cost?

You can get a web hosting service for free, however, this comes with downsides. Mostly, it won’t give you a choice to have your domain name and your customers and visitors may likewise be exposed to promoting over which will be beyond control. There will also be limitations on website space and bandwidth.

The most well-known pricing and evaluating model for running your website is known as shared hosting. This simply implies you’re leasing space on the host’s server. You’ll pay their charges on monthly or annually basis depending on disk space, operating systems, bandwidth etc. You also need to pay registration charges for your domain or website name monthly or annually depending on your choice and you keep on renewing your registered domain each a few years.

You need to install some suggested software, or for running and accessing websites, you also can choose to lease a dedicated server. However, this is a considerably more costly choice and it truly suitable for bigger companies having bulky websites.


When setting up another site, it is imperative to have appropriate SEO standards taken care of sooner rather than later. This will guarantee that your site begins positioning, gets traffic sooner, and spares you time from rectifying issues later on not far off.

[Image: wp.png]

WordPress is one of the most well-known CMS utilized today. In this WordPress SEO instructional exercise, we will go over the most significant SEO tips you can apply to your WordPress-based site. This will help increase your organic traffic and online visibility. This guide is differing and will give SEO tips to starters, blog SEO tips, understanding on the most proficient method to introduce Yoast SEO module and more.

Let’s get started.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is the most popular plugin with regards to WordPress SEO modules. It handles a wide range of parts of SEO, in addition to improves them! It is a definitive across the board SEO tools.
For fundamental SEO highlights, Yoast enables you to effectively alter page titles, meta descriptions, keywords and that’s just the beginning. It additionally enables you to assume responsibility for progressively specialized SEO issues like XML sitemaps, rel=canonical and schema markup.
Yoast is a plugin you can trust because of the way that it is worked by a team that are both expert developers and expert SEOs.

2. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is crucial. If you are at all acquainted with fundamental SEO, at that point you realize that load times are critical for both ranking and decreasing your site bounce rates.
The best hosting organizations that I know about are Web Hosting Canada (clearly if you are in Canada) and WP Engine.
At long last, while choosing your web hosting, select carefully. Do your exploration and don’t race into any one organization before doing some examination on their server type, server speed, reserving and versatility. It’s truly simple to discover surveys on most web hosting organizations!
Make sure you get a SSL certificate installed on your site. This encodes the connection between your server and your client’s internet browser. This will both make your clients have a sense of safety on your site and has additionally been a Google ranking component since 2014.

3. Google Analytics

If you don’t as of now have Google Analytics set up on your site, at that point you will need to do that ASAP! Google Analytics enables you to see the quantity of people going to your site, where they’re coming from and what they’re doing.
As should be obvious, you can see explicitly how you gained your site traffic.
“Organic Search” refers to clients getting through a search engine like Google or Bing, and “Referral” can refer to a client finding your site through a directory, for example, HubSpot or Yelp.
You can likewise see which specific pages clients are visiting, what their bounce rates are and what the normal time spent on each page is. Your SEO potential outcomes are perpetual with an apparatus like Google Analytics.
Basically go to and set up your record. You can see a full nitty gritty instructional exercise on setting up your Google Analytics here:
The most effective method to Set Up Google Analytics in Divi (without a module).

4. Optimize Images

Two of the greatest guilty parties for a moderate stacking site are images that haven’t been packed and images that haven’t been scaled to their genuine size on the page.
In the event that images optimization is something new to you and you at present have a site, I encourage you to go to and paste your site URL into the analyzer. In the wake of investigating, I would anticipate that you should see that images are slowing down your site, either due to not being packed or not being resized to the size they show up on your site page.
For image optimization, I suggest a plugin called “Smush”. This plugin will pack all images on your site at the press of a button.

5. Build Citations (for local businesses)

References are essentially any online reference to an organization. These ordinarily contain the NAP (name, address, telephone number) of a business and are worked through online professional references, for example, Yelp, Yellow Pages, HubSpot and others.
For what reason are references significant?
For one, your business data will show up over a few online directories which implies increasingly online visibility and progressively potential clients. Likewise, Google currently thinks about the area closeness of a client to important organizations coordinating their search criteria.
Citations are likewise critical for sites that come up short on a noteworthy number of backlinks. A blend of good on-page/specialized SEO, joined with great reference building can assist you with defeating backlink deficiencies.     

6. Keywords

Keywords are the various words and expressions that web search tools will use to assist clients with finding your content. These keywords are the establishment for your SEO efforts and should be given significant idea and time.
To begin the keyword research process, you should initially have a firm thought of what your substance is about and how people would be scanning for it. What words or phrases would they type? On the off chance that I were scanning for teeth cleaning and I had no insurance, I may look “least expensive dental specialists Toronto”, or “affordable dental specialist Toronto”.
After you have recorded a couple of phrases that you accept searchers would use to locate your content, continue to doing some keyword look into. One of my preferred free keyword research tools is essentially composing a search phrase into Google and exploring to the base of the search page to the “Searches identified with….” section.
These are largely various words and phrases that Google has coordinated as comparative searches to your initial keyword. These are keywords individuals are as of now looking and people extraordinary to use inside your content.

7. H Tags (header tags)

Header tags or H tags are significant for a couple of reasons. They improve client experience by giving structure to your page and by separating various bits of content. It is likewise critical to utilize your keywords inside your H tags since Google utilizes this (especially the H1 and H2 tags) to get some foundation on what your content is about.

H1 Tag: This tag ought to be the header content of your site page. For instance, the H tag on this specific post would be the title “The Best WordPress SEO Tips 2020”. It is the heading of this post and precisely outlines what it will be about. It is recommended to just utilize a H1 tag once per website page.

H2 Tag: The H2 tag is a sub-heading a beeline for your principle title and will likewise contain keywords directly identified with your H1 tag. In this specific post, the H2 tags are the various tips given all through the post.

H3 Tag: This tag will be a sub-heading to your H2 tag’s and so on so forth.
Make sure to utilize your H tags properly with both short and long-tail keywords so as to set up a subject for search engines to get on and to set up structure for your website page.


Where most VPS hosting solutions take several business hours to days to be activated, our VPS servers are designed to be provisioned immediately. We provide full administrative access i.e. Root access with every server to allow you to fully customise the server environment based on your needs.

Our VPS Hosting Plans:-

Virtual Server 1
Storage - 25GB SSD Raid Storage
Usable Ips - 1 
Bandwidth - 1 Tb on 100 Mbps
Support - 24X7 Support
Price - $8


Virtual Server 2
Storage - 50GB SSD Raid Storage
Usable Ips -1 
Bandwidth - 2 TB on 100 Mbps
Support - 24X7 
Price - $13


Virtual Server 3
Storage - 75GB SSD Raid Storage
Usable Ips - 1 Usable Ips
Bandwidth - 3 TB on 100 Mbps
Support - 24X7 
Price - $20