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How to Verify Domain Ownership in Google Search Console via Cpanel?
[Image: o1.png]

In order to verify domain ownership, complete the following steps:
  • Go to Google Search Console.
  • Click ‘Add Property’.
  • Choose Domain and enter your domain name:
  • Click ‘Continue’, you’ll be redirected to the next step.
  • Copy the domain verification TXT record you’ll get:

[Image: o2.png]

  • Log into your hosting. I’ll be using cPanel as an example as I’m on Ziphost hosting.
  • Find Zone Editor under Domains:

[Image: o3.png]

  • Choose the domain you need to verify in Google Search Console and click ‘Manage’.
  • Add a record and select TXT as a record type.
  • Fill in the rest of the fields with the following information:
    • Valid zone name – your domain name
    • TTL – 3600
    • Text – your verification text copied in step 3.

[Image: o6.png]

  • Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click ‘Add record’ to save it.
  • Go back to Google Search Console and click ‘Verify’.

Don’t worry if your domain ownership will not be verified right away in Search Console. At first, I got this:

[Image: o4.png]

It may take your DNS records time to update and Google to pick them up. In my case, the domain was verified in 2-3 minutes. I just tried clicking ‘Verify’ a few more times and here’s what I finally got:

[Image: o5.png]


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